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Cat Beds: How Buying A Quality Cat Bedding Can Improve Your Kitty’s Health & Happiness

Cat Beds

Cat Beds: Choosing The Purr-Fect Cat Bed Your Feline Friend Will Approve Of

Every cat owner knows how their kitty just love to sleep in the oddest places, most often in incredibly impossible positions.

Every photo of a cat sleeping in anything other than a bed is further proof that cats are made up of 90% liquid. Still, just because your cat will sleep just about anywhere, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve their very own place of rest!

Cats LOVE Sleeping

Your cat’s bed needs to be as comfortable as possible since cats on average sleep for 15 hours a day. In general, cats can sleep for as much as 12 to 16 hours a day, even for as long as 20 hours if they’re still kittens or if they’re a bit older. That is almost two-thirds of their life spent in bed!

Why Is My Cat More Active At Dawn & Dusk?

Cats sleep for long periods of time since they are crepuscular, which means they sleep mostly during the day, and then they are active and awake during dawn and dusk.

Some domesticated cats though can adjust their sleeping schedules according to their feeding schedules. Indoor cats sleep longer than outdoor cats since outdoor cats have to be more alert.

Why Does My Kitty Sleep More In Winter?

It is also unsurprising to find out that cats will sleep more when it is cold or rainy outside. Just like humans who love to stay indoors and keep themselves cozy during a storm outside, cats will want to spend their time taking a good long cat nap.

For first-time cat owners, this irregular sleeping pattern can be hard to deal with. Younger, more energetic cats often get up to mischief at night, so many cat owners often wake up to their living room looking like a tornado passed through.

Cat owners will also notice as well that as soon as their cat is done with breakfast, they will start to get sleepy and ready for bed.

Your Cat Loves To Hunt At Night

Despite cats being domesticated, they still have that predator nature inside of them which means they love to chase and hunt, again, usually at night.

Whether they are hunting mice or rats or the other half of your pair of socks that you thought you lost, cats still have that primal instinct of pouncing unannounced on their prey.

All that hunting, climbing, running, and pouncing, takes a lot of energy, so of course, they need a good rest!

Why Does It Even Matter What Kind Of Cat Bed You Get For Your Cat?

Although cats are innately territorial and often like to sleep closely with their owners, they still need their own space. Cats sleep for most of the day, so providing various sleeping spots for them to be comfortable is crucial.

Humans have a hard time functioning without a good night’s rest, and so do cats!

Every feline is different. Not every single cat might enjoy the same sleeping positions or sleeping spots. In households with multiple cats and animals, it is important to give each cat their own space, because as mentioned above, cats are very territorial.

Aside from comfort, cat beds can also help keep the cat hair off your furniture and carpet. Imagine how much easier it would be to clean just a single cat bed rather than every single surface of your home. If fleas are also an issue, a cat bed is an important tool to stop the spread.

Even though a cat bed might seem like a big purchase, choosing the right one will benefit you and your kitty companion for years to come. You just have to make sure the cat bed you choose is perfect for them, and of course, for you.

Cat Beds: Here’s Everything To Know When Choosing A Bed For Your Kitty

What Is The Size Of Your Cat?

Your cat needs to have a bed that is just right in size. Honestly, the shape of cat beds are not such a huge deal; square, round, oval—just remember that if it is too small, it will be uncomfortable for your cat to move around and adjust themselves in it.

And if it’s too big and wide, it might not be cozy enough to help them relax.

If you want a good estimate for the size of the bed, you can measure your cat’s length from their head to the base of their tail and then add in a few inches.

You may also want to consider your cat’s frequent and favorite sleeping positions when deciding on a cat bed size. Those extra inches in the measurements you take can be crucial, especially if your cat likes to sleep stretched and sprawled out rather than curled up like a ball.

You can also measure your cat from paw to paw, when they are sprawled out flat on the ground. These are all important considerations when choosing the size of cat beds!

What Is A Cat Bed Style That Will Be Perfect For Your Kitty?

For the most part, cats prefer to be in secluded, dark, and quiet places; rather than wide open space. If you notice your cat prefers small enclosed spaces when they sleep, you may want to consider purchasing a bed with a hood.

Many cat owners choose closed cat beds because they can help provide your cat with some extra comfort and helps them feel cozy and safe when they decide to get some rest.

Cats with anxiety will also prefer hooded beds, or even a cat tent. Flat mats, carpets, or bolster beds tend to make anxious cats feel vulnerable. When bringing home a new cat, hooded beds are also best because they can help the cat feel safer and assimilate with your home environment better.

If you are living with older cats, senior cats, or cats with arthritis, make sure to get a cat bed with a short edge or lip to make climbing in and out of bed just that little bit easier for them!

What Material Should Cat Beds Be Made Of?

When going out and purchasing your cat’s new bed. Try to consider both your cat’s comfort and ease of washing.

If the cat bed isn’t comfortable enough, your cat might choose to sleep somewhere else, rendering your purchase useless. Although you shouldn’t need to all out on the most comfortable materials, it is important to get a bed that your kitty finds cozy and soft.

For cleaning convenience, you should look for cat beds with zippable covers, removable inserts, and covers that you can just chuck into your washing machine, with no extra steps.

If your cat is still a kitten and is not entirely housebroken, expect a few accidents on their bed, and give yourself a pat on the back for choosing a cat bed that’s easy to keep clean.

Regular washing, sanitizing, and disinfecting your cat’s bed can help reduce any bacteria and germs from spreading; and with fewer germs, there is also less stink. It’s a win for your kitty and a win for you!

What Cat Bed Materials To Avoid
Avoid any cat beds made of uncomfortable fabric, fabric that is hard to clean, or fabric that easily stains. As much as possible, try to avoid cat beds with synthetic fabrics, tassels, beads, glitter, and styrofoam.

All these are non-essential to helping your cat stay relaxed, and they’ll definitely make cleaning and washing that much more difficult.

Cats Can Often Be Allergic To Certain Materials

For a happy, healthy kitty, choose cat beds that are made from natural fabrics like cotton, wool, or even stuffed with feathers. Just make sure that whatever cat bed you choose for your little fluff baby, they are not allergic to the materials its made of.

Materials that can be easily cleaned are typically microsuede and cotton. Make sure as well that if the filling is polyester, that it’s the non-clumping kind.

Remember as well that cat beds are a hot spot for fleas. If your cat has fleas, regularly wash their bed. To get rid of the fleas and the flea eggs, you will need to wash the bed covers and dry it at over 50C.

If your cat’s flea problem is worse than you thought, you can give the covers a soak in very hot water. While you are cleaning the cover, make sure as well to keep the bed or mattress away from your cat so no fleas get on it and possibly leave eggs in it.

Whatever cat bed you choose, always consider the material and its washability — this factor is for both your benefit, and for your cats. Remember to choose a bed with a removable cover that is easy to wash, or machine washable, and always remember to read the washing labels that come with the cat bed.

Cats Get Cold Too Y’Know!

A lot of cat beds nowadays have a heating system. Some are electric, whether a plug-in one or rechargeable one, some have an insert pad that needs to be heated in the microwave, and some are made of thermal material that traps your cat’s own body heat within the bed.

A heating feature when choosing cat beds is definitely something to consider if your cat has any health concerns. Older cats and cats with arthritis can benefit greatly from a heated bed because it helps their muscles relax and helps them sleep and rest better.

Cats Generally Prefer Warmer Places

In general, cats favor warm places, which is why you will often find your cat lounging in the sun. A heated cat bed might also be a big comfort for your cat when it is during colder times of the year.

If your cats are hairless, short-haired, or have sparse and thin hair, they can also greatly benefit from a heated cat bed. If you find your pet often crawling into tight, warm spaces or underneath beds and sofas, they may enjoy a hooded, heated bed.

If you are unsure whether your pet needs extra heating, you can just buy a non-heated pet bed, and then buy the heating pad separately. If you live in an area with varying degrees of weather, a separate heating bed or heating pad is a safe choice that won’t necessarily break the bank.

Are There Heated Beds For Outdoor Cats?

If your cat is an outdoor cat, outdoor heated kitty houses are also available on the market, and can be a better option than indoor cat beds. They are typically in the shape of a small dog house, with four walls, a steep roof, front and back door.

Outdoor heated cat houses are typically electric but rechargeable and can protect your adventurous kitty from wind, rain, and snow. It is a very inviting, safe space for outdoor cats to sleep in and relax in.

The trouble though with outdoor cat beds is the possibility of stray cats getting in and taking over. Best to not place these types of beds too far outside your home, and instead, keeping them by your porch or balcony.

Where Should You Place Your Cat’s Bed?

Positioning Your Cat Bed At Home

There are a few different places in your home where you can possibly position your cat’s bed, and it all depends on your cat’s own sleeping habits.

The best way though to get your cat to sleep in the bed you have purchased for them is to observe where their favorite sleeping spots are if they have one. Try to place the cat bed in, on, or near their favorite napping places so they get used to it being there.

If your cat is hesitant to get cozy in their new bed, try to place treats, toys, or catnip to get them to curl up in it.

Another way to determine where to place your cat’s bed is to consider your own favorite place in your home. If you notice, most cats will nap wherever you’re nearby. Give your cat a bed near you by the bed or sofa and see if they can get comfortable in it.

Cats Prefer Quiet Locations Around The House

Cats will also prefer to sleep somewhere quiet. If your neighborhood is pretty noisy and busy, you might notice your cat hiding or sleeping in very dark, secluded spaces. Quiet spaces are the best places for your furry feline to have their afternoon cat naps.

You may also want to consider placing a cat bed on top of your furniture rather than on the floor. Although, in general, most cats feel safer off the floor, some cats prefer to be elevated when they sleep. If this is the case with your cat, try placing their bed just a little bit off the ground, like on a coffee table, or a spare chair.

Try Placing Your Cat Bed Somewhere Elevated

Some cats feel more comfortable when they are positioned in high places, such as shelves. Some cats also prefer to sleep on windowsills, so they can have a view of the outside.

Just remember also not to place your cat’s bed too high up, or to place their bed on something that’s not quite secure. If your kitty falls off a bed, they will be discouraged to try getting back in.

Again, with all that in mind, you will need to observe and notice all your cat’s sleeping habits, and you will probably have to change their spot in the beginning until the kitty gets used to it.

It also goes without saying that if you have a much older, senior cat, or even a heavier cat, you should not place their bed up in places that are too high so as to avoid any injuries or accidents.

How Old Is Your Cat?

If you are purchasing a bed for a kitten, keep in mind that you will most likely have to purchase a bigger bed in the future. Take into account also that if your cat is much older, you’ll want to opt for a more comfortable cat bed.

Senior cats typically have arthritis, and generally need much higher level of comfort, so you may want to opt for a thick padded bed, a memory foam cat bed, or one with heating.

Memory foam beds with heating pads are a winning combination of comfort for senior cats, as well as cats with arthritis.

Does Your Cat Need Something Extra?

Kitty condo, window bed, cat swing, cat dome—shopping for cat beds with extra features can be little stressful as there are so many choices! It can be tempting to choose based on the design first, but consider everything that we’ve listed above before you make decisions based on the aesthetics or extra features of the bed.

A kitty condo or a cat tree, helps your cat get some exercise, and helps them get a bit of that pent up energy out. Most cat condos and cat trees also come with a tent or a box built-in for them to rest and hide in.

Make sure whatever cat condo or tree you choose, that it’s big enough for your cat. If your cat is a little on the heavier side, they will feel uncomfortable in their new habitat and may even break some of the features.

If you are going to purchase either a cat condo or cat tree, make sure it is made of new carpet. Some cat condos are made of recycled carpet that has been cleaned with chemicals, which is a smell that most cats just cannot deal with.

Make sure as well that they come with complete assembly instructions unless you want to try your hand at being a modern-day McGuyver.

You can even buy your cat a donut-shaped bed. These are typically affordable and are easily matched to home decor. Most cat owners buy one for upstairs and one for downstairs.

Another little extra item for your cat could be a window perch, or even a computer perch. These typically come with a washable cover and are adjustable in terms of placement. A window perch is perfect for a kitty who love sitting by the window, and a computer perch is something all clingy cats will love.

Finally, a good cat bed will mean your cat can stay by your side while you are on your computer, and hopefully keep off your keyboard.

Make sure the cat condos, cat trees, window perches, and computer perches, are of great build quality so your cats doesn’t fall off. For cat condos and cat trees, there are weighted ones available on the market today, so that they don’t tip or sway when your cat jumps on it.

“Help! My Cat Will Not Sleep In Their Own Bed!”

Cats usually take a while to adjust to their new bed, that is normal. Usually what puts them off at first is the factory or production smell that comes with a brand new cat bed.
It may help to give new cat beds a wash so the new bed smells familiar to them.

If that does not work, you may place their toys, clothes, treats, and even spray catnip on the new bed in order to entice them to get in and get cozy. You can also try to position the cat bed wherever indoor area gets the most sunshine.

Another method is to place a piece of your own clothing in or on the new cat bed. Your familiar smell will help them accept the bed quicker.

Getting them to love their bed can be a bit of a process, so don’t beat yourself up too much if your cat hesitates to immediately fall in love with the bed you just purchased for them.

Once your cat gets used to the bed though, make sure to praise them and maybe even give them a treat. The positive reinforcement will help them associate good memories and feelings with their brand-new bed.

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